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PC vs Console
Published on December 19, 2008 By Game-Over In Console Games

    I was surfing and I ran across this great read from, It is an interview with Randy Stude from PC Gaming Alliance. In this article they talk about piracy, online distribution, And how Vista effected the PC gaming market. But the One that I would like to talk about is the question about

GP: "Could the outrageous development cost of new consoles bring PC gaming back to the mainstream?"

RS: "The guts of every console should tell you that the capability is there for the PC to act as the central point for all the consoles. If you bought a PC and as part of that equation you said, Okay, when you’re on the phone with Dell, “Hey, Dell, on this PC, this new notebook I’m buying, can you make sure it has the PlayStation 4 option built into it?

Well, why not? Why shouldn’t that be the case? [Sony is] certainly not making any money on the hardware. I mean, can’t they create a stable enough environment to specify  that if Dell’s going to sell that notebook and say that it’s PlayStation 4 [compatible] that it must have certain ingredients and it must meet certain criteria? Absolutely they could that. Are they going to do it? I don’t know. I predict that they will. I predict that all of the console makers over time will recognize that it’s too expensive to develop the proprietary solution and recognize the value of collapsing back on the PC as a ubiquitous platform."

   I believe that you will not see such a thing there is to much that would have to change to see this. You would need the industry to agree on all levels from Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony to the PC manufacturers. On top of that you would need someone to agree on a standard and that is something the PC world just does not like to do (examples ATI vs Nvidia, USB vs Firewire, Intel vs AMD, Windows VS Mac).

   My question to you is do you think this could be a reality or a statement of complete nonsense?  

on Dec 19, 2008

Nonsense. The biggest strength of the consoles is that they're a single, consistent platform with identical hardware. Switching to PCs might save hardware development costs, but it'd bring with it a boatload of new software development costs as well as support costs (imagine millions of people complaining they can't play Gears of War 14 because they have integrated graphics). I'd say this is just a case of the guy talking up his own platform.

on Dec 21, 2008

   Great comment kryo, and I think you are right...But since I like to be the devils advocate What if there was a deal with the computer MFG(for $200 we can add the "PS3" support to your machine). Do you think that could maybe make this happen down the road? 

    Now do we have anyone brave enough to tackle the other side of this and maybe why they think this could happen?